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Privacy Policy

Thank you for visiting the www.Sagar is an Online store exclusively for Grocery and retailed products in India.

Your visit to the website is subject to this Privacy Policy and our Terms and Conditions available here in this website.

By accepting the Privacy Policy, you expressly consent to our use and disclosure of your personal information in accordance with this Privacy Policy.

This privacy policy covers the use of the website WWW.Sagar which is independently owned and operated by Sagar Bazar Retails solutions,Bhopal. The policy is issued by Sagar Bazar Retails solutions,Bhopal, which may be referred to by full name or as WuD or ‘We’

Sagar Bazar Retails Solutions may collect information covering your name, address, gender, age, religion, race, nationality, work, occupation, interests, marital status, children, family, travel, hobbies, credit card, bank, addresses and names of friends and associates directly from you. In addition we may collect information about you from third parties for verification, credit worthiness, payment history, address verification. We may also collecting information from your visits to websites of Sagar Bazar Retails solutions and its partners and associates including pages visited on our websites, your website visit pattern and purchase pattern. In addition we may obtain information about you from public sources.

The use of this information is purely for the use of conducting the transaction or for marketing purposes. This includes sending you email messages, SMS (Text Messages using mobile cellular technology, telephone calls, letters and other communication). We may share this information with our marketing partners, consultants and third parties for the purpose of making special offers to you as a customer of Sagar Bazar Retails solutions.

We may also call you on the telephone and as an existing customer will not specifically refer to the Do Not Call Registry for this purpose. By purchasing products from Sagar Bazar Retails solutions websites, you are deemed to be a customer of Sagar Bazar Retails solutions and we may contact you on phone, email, mail and face to face to conduct our business with you or to resolve matters related to our business with you.

We may implant cookies and other tracking software on your computer which track your website surfing and visitation and may use this information to interact with you to conduct a web chat or to track your movement within the site for other reasons

The list of types of information that we collect may change from time to time and we reserve the right to collect this information where it is related to our business with you or our potential business with you. We may use technology available from time to time to help us with analysis and decision making.

When you register with the website, subscribe to any of our newsletters, or opt-in to receive special offers and new releases sent to your email address, your contact information (including your name, address and e-mail address as requested) is added to our secure database, access to which is limited to authorized persons.

From time to time, we will send you information about new titles, features, additions, and changes to products and services being sold on the website

We may share contact information and your order information with other units within our group company websites, and respectable 3rd parties. We may also share your information with “3rd Party” vendors (such as a “mailing” house) who will be authorized to use this information solely to perform services on our behalf.

If you contact us in regard to technical support, questions about your order, or any general inquiry, your email address will only be used in response to your inquiry. Your email address will not be added to our database.

Data collected is stored on secure servers provided by third parties. As such we take every precaution to ensure that this information is kept in a secure fashion. However any loss of data by the third parties is not our liability and if such an occurrence happens we will inform you via your registered email address within 24 hours of us being notified

We do not store any credit card information and as such this information is not available to us. Please do not share this information with any one during any after sales interaction with employees or contractors or suppliers of Sagar Bazar RETAILS SOLUTIONS.

If you have any concerns about your privacy or need to report any issues relating to your privacy that arise from the conduct of your business with Sagar Bazar Retails solutions please write to

The Compliance and Legal Officer

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